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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Why increase in new HIV infections and deaths whilst increased access to ARVs in Uganda?

By Sam Agona

This question was postured by the Daily Monitor. I found it worth responding to.

Some of the issues discussed in the article is voluntary HIV testing as shown in the photos below:
                                              A young girl testing for HIV in Iganga Town

                                                A friend, Liz Cho testing voluntarily

                 Two Health workers ( Liz and Claire) demonstrating to the author how to use female condoms

                                           Author and Liz Cho doing a wrap up discussion

An HIV test strip which shows someone’s HIV status; its advisable that everyone is aware of the status.


  1. Hi Sam, this is a very enlightening article. I love the photos too. Well done. Just a few comments to note. In the fourth paragraph, you indicated that the percentage of HIV infections increased from 6% in 2006 to 7%. In which year was it at 7%? In the second last paragraph, the line that says there is a misconception that circumcision makes one immortal..., particularly got me!

    Your article highlights the need for continuous sensitization on these issues to bring about behavioral changes if we are going to make a mark in reducing the incidence of HIV and deaths attributed to AIDS as a whole.

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