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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

What Uganda needs to achieve the much needed demographic dividend

On the 11th July, 2015, Uganda Celebrated World Population day, an event hosted in Sembabule district.  The Global Theme was: “Vulnerable Populations in Emergencies”, and local theme was Prioritizing Community Transformation: Addressing the needs of Vulnerable Populations".
Policy wheels for creating and earning the demographic dividend
Demography in Uganda is a very vital matter given the population structure and has an impact on education, health, job creation and nature of economic reforms an economy under takes, governance and accountability among others.

One of the participants of a Youth Debate organised by UNFPA and STF shares his view on teenage pregnancy and male involvement​. Photo by: Els Dehantschutter
The above variables are all function of a sustainable population. Such can be achieved when young people are not only improved in "human quality" but also empowered and given a chance to make critical decisions about their social life and sexual choices among others.
   A local school performing on World Population Day 2015​. Photo by: Els Dehantschutter
With the above, inter-playing factors the above factors in the best manner, Uganda can achieve a demographic dividend with positive help from partners like UNDP Uganda, UNFPA Uganda and other sexual reproductive health organizations.
          A young woman receiving information on Sexual Reproductive Health​: Photo  by: Els Dehantschutter

An OpED elucidating how Uganda can use this window period as a growth accelerator was published in the New Vision on 26th August, 2016 written by same author. 

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